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Are you self-conscious about unsightly veins? Does it affect the wardrobe choices you make? The good news is you don’t have to put up with them. The providers at Beautifeye, a cosmetic clinic in Edina and Excelsior, Minnesota, use the innovative ClearV™ laser treatment by Sciton® to treat visible veins and help vanish the veins you can’t see — with minimal downtime. Call Beautifeye to learn more about vein removal and ClearV or schedule an appointment online today.

Vein Removal Q & A

What is vein removal?

While you may not typically be aware of the veins in your body, sometimes they swell and twist, becoming painful and restricting blood flow. Many aestheticians recommend laser vein removal to treat the issue before it becomes serious. 

Laser heat damages the vein, forming scar tissue. The scar tissue blocks the vein, which causes it to lose its source of blood and die. After a year or so, most veins disappear entirely. 

What areas does vein removal treat?

ClearV laser vein removal at Beautifeye can successfully treat many types of vein disorders. 

Periorbital veins

Periorbital veins (POVs) are superficial veins, meaning they’re close to the skin’s surface. They start at the bridge of the nose and stretch below or above the eye. Most of the time, POVs are barely visible to the human eye, and more apparent in fair or aged skin. They’re typically only a cosmetic concern, but they can cause discomfort if exposed to hot temperatures.

Spider veins

Spider veins, sometimes called thread veins, are small, damaged veins that commonly occur on the face and legs. They’re rarely painful and aren’t harmful, but many people prefer to remove them for appearance’s sake. 

How effective is laser treatment for vein removal?

No treatment ever works 100% of the time, but ClearV laser treatment comes exceptionally close with a 94-95% success rate of closing veins. ClearV safely and comfortably treats spider veins, visible blood vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, and skin discoloration. The veins won’t disappear immediately, as they must first die and then dry up, which can take a couple of weeks to several months. 

What should I expect after a vein removal procedure?

With ClearV by Sciton, downtime is minimal. Most people return to their regular routine without any problems. Some laser treatments require you to wear compression stockings afterward to reduce pain and bruising and prevent blood clots forming.

Call Beautifeye to find out more about ClearV laser treatment for vein removal or book a consultation online today.