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Your eyes should reflect your vitality, yet as you get older, they may look tired due to wrinkles and loose, sagging skin. The providers at Beautifeye in Edina and Excelsior, Minnesota, proudly offer treatment with ThermiEyes®, which safely reduces wrinkles and tightens skin without injections or surgery.

ThermiEye Q & A

What is ThermiEyes?

ThermiEyes refers to a noninvasive procedure that rejuvenates the skin around your eyes using radiofrequency energy. The energy is delivered by an advanced, temperature-controlled handpiece that’s specially designed to safely and comfortably treat the area above your eyes and the delicate area under your eyes.

How does ThermiEyes work?

Radiofrequency energy gently heats your skin, which produces two results. First, it immediately tightens skin by shrinking existing collagen fibers. Second, it triggers the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. These proteins further tighten your skin while imparting new strength and resilience.

What results are achieved with ThermiEyes?

After a series of treatments with ThermiEyes, you’ll experience the following results:

  • Tightening of skin around eyes
  • Diminished laxity above eyes
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Loss of crepey skin under eyes

Improved elasticity and reduction of laxity following ThermiEyes treatment may also help alleviate symptoms caused by dry eyes.

Please call Beautifeye and schedule a consultation to determine whether you’re a good candidate for ThermiEyes treatment.